What you see here are brief descriptions of Vladan Devedzic's current projects. For descriptions of his completed projects, both international and national, see Archives.

GRASS - Grading Soft Skills (2014-2016)
A 3-year international research project, being developed under the umbrella of the flagship European funding programme in the field of education and training, the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) (project reference number: 543029-LLP-1-2013-1-RS-KA3-KA3MP). The project focuses on representing soft skills of learners of various ages and at different levels of education in a quantitative, measurable way, so that these skills can become the subject of formal validation and recognition.

The GRASS project is categorized as an LLP transversal programme key action 3 (KA3) project. KA3 projects are about the use of ICT tools to enhance learning environments and experiences. GRASS addresses KA3 priority 3.1.2, Innovative pedagogy and assessment methods for diverse learning pathways.

INCOMING - Interdisciplinary Curricula in Computing to Meet Labor Market Needs (2012-2016)
A 4-year international project funded by the TEMPUS IV programme of the European Union (proj. No. 530155-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-EE-TEMPUS-JPCR). It is a Joint Project / Curricular Reform (JPCR) project with the objective to initiate capacity building for interdisciplinary studies at universities in Serbia, to be offered both in English and in Serbian, at all three levels of study (BSc, MSc, PhD), and in at least one of the following three modes of study: face-to-face mode, distance learning, and blended mode. To do that, the project will develop, accredit, implement and evaluate several interdisciplinary study programmes, at four different universities in Serbia (see the page 'About the project' for details). By developing and implementing these programmes, the project intends to enhance employment opportunities for graduates of the new programmes, targeting specifically Serbian labor market needs in interdisciplinary computing.

Vladan Devedzic is the representative of the University of Belgrade in the project consortium. His major responsibilities in the project include analysis of existing practices and principles in EU countries and in Serbia for developing and accrediting interdisciplinary study programs, as well as supervision of development and accreditation of such programs at the University of Belgrade.

TRAIN - Training and Research for Academic Newcomers (2014-2017)
A 4-year international project funded by the King Baudouin Foundation  (proj. agreement 2015: H22000/203563). The objectives of the TRAIN program are to develop, implement and evaluate a structured professional development training program consisting of 7 modules for new academics (PhD students, assistants, junior professors, post-docs of not more than three years work experience) at four Western Balkan universities (University of Sarajevo, University of Belgrade, University of Novi Sad and University of Montenegro). Through the program the new academics build the knowledge, skills, motivation and confidence to enhance their own practice in ways that will improve student learning, their own research and their contribution to society and industry. The program also aims to improve collaboration among new academics, expanding their networks and enhancing their capacity for educational leadership, enabling them to positively influence the change.

In this project, Vladan Devedzic is one of the trainers from the University of Belgrade. His major responsibilities in the project include giving training seminars to young academics from the University of Belgrade in how to write applications for Erasmus+ grants.

Completed projects